August 9, 2021

The IPCC Kaleidoscope


The IPCC Authors of AR6

I’m supposed to be working on an infographic that explains the first IPCC report from the Sixth Assessment Report: The Physical Science Basis. The above, then, is proof I get sidetracked easily. I’m just always so blown away by the diligence and determination of these volunteer scientists who evaluate and synthesise the evidence of our rapidly changing climate. Through the unifying discipline of science, politics is cast aside and multilateral cooperation takes over. This Sixth Assessment Report cycle is further proof that science can produce magic.

A quick note on what’s coming

The Physical Science Basis report by Working Group I of the IPCC makes for seriously stark reading, but there is much to play for as COP26 approaches this November. Most importantly, a 1.5°C world is still within reach if the world halves CO2 emissions over the next 10 years or so (and slashes emissions from other non-CO2 greenhouse gases).