October 20, 2019

Head to Head: Part five of #RWCO2


We’re down to the business end of the tournament. Which nations are good and which are not so good, in climate terms.

This is the final of the five-part series, including all the playoff games — the quarters, semis and the final.

In time, I hope to write a wrap up, where I’ll discuss the reasons that, for example, the fusion-powereed French have much lower per capita emissions than the coal-fired, petrol-headed Australians.

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England v Australia - per capita emissions



New Zeland v Ireland - per capita emissions



Wales v France - per capita emissions



Japan v South Africa - per capita emissions



New Zealand v England - per capita emissions



Wales v South Africa - per capita emissions



TBC — Third and fourth playoff



TBC — Final



If you’d like to see this series live, keep tabs on it via the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s Twitter feed: @ECIU_UK (or mine, @johnlangab)

Gutted for the ABs, but England absolutely cleaned us up.