The e-nvironmentalist is a new conversation about an old topic. That topic, you guessed it, is our environment but ‘our environment’ with a twist. The natural environment is covered, but we’re also about our new digital e-nvironment too. At first glance, the human effects on the natural environment and digital’s effects on our personal environments may seem unlikely bedfellows. But therein lies our challenge, to make the case they’re compatible.

Why do we think these two topics are important? Like the industrial revolution did long before it, the digital revolution is about to shake things up. Most changes will be welcomely received but important questions have already begun to crop up around our use of smartphones, sensor technologies and virtual realities. To what extent should the digital world envelop us? What are its limits? What are we willing to sacrifice?

Similarly, with human-induced climate change, our natural environment is about to change dramatically. The issue is all the more urgent because it’s ‘narratively impaired’; that is, people find it exceptionally difficult to comprehend or relate to—it’s been said that financial markets move too fast, climate change too slow.

Combining commentary and media reviews, the e-nvironmentalist seeks to demystify digital on one hand and declutter climate change on the other. In doing so, it will attempt to distill some of our planet’s great thinkers’ books and ideas into digestible form. Einstein said, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’.

Together, these perspectives form the e-nvironmentalist. We hope you enjoy.