The e-nvironmentalist is a new conversation about an old topic. That topic, you guessed it, is our environment but ‘our environment’ with a twist. The natural environment is covered, but we’re also about our new digital e-nvironment too.

Why are these two topics important? Like the industrial revolution did long before it, the digital revolution is shaking things up. Most changes have been welcomely received but important questions have begun to crop up around smartphone addiction and the monopolistic power wielded by the tech giants over our attention and our politics. To what extent should the digital world and its data envelop us? What are we willing to sacrifice to connect?

Similarly, with human-induced global warming, our natural environment is changing quicker than it has over the last 11,000 years. The issue is all the more urgent because it’s ‘narratively impaired’; that is, people find it exceptionally difficult to comprehend or relate to — it’s been said that the financial markets move too fast, climate change too slow.

Combining commentary, infographics and media reviews, the e-nvironmentalist seeks to declutter climate change on the one hand and dissect digital on the other. In doing so, we’ll attempt to distill and inform you about two of our planet’s foremost environmental issues.

Because, as Arthur Koestler once said, “We can add to our knowledge, but we cannot subtract from it”.